I am an experienced secondary school science teacher, qualifying from Loughborough University with a PGCE in 2006, and teaching science since.

I love to visit schools/do events both in person and virtually. I have workshops, talks, activities, lessons for children aged 9-12 (and above, including for adults), so don’t hesitate to contact me to organise a visit/event (via the form below).

If you are using Ghosts of Mars as a classroom read, then note that I have made a 6 lesson science-focussed scheme of learning, with activities and outcomes to cover the KS2 science curriculum, applicable to other curriculums, too.

Download/View the Scheme of Learning here:

Virtual Talk/Workshops for schools:

  • Q&A about writing/being an author, how reading inspired me to write my own stories (30 mins)
  • science and space – I could talk all day about BOTH! (30 mins)
  • a talk about living on Mars specifically (as it’s the setting of my latest book) (30 mins)
  • a talk about T1 Diabetes and my experiences with the condition (30 mins)
  • a creative writing workshop on creating new worlds (45 mins)


Talks: £50 for 30 mins
Workshops: £75 for 45 mins

Sessions can be tailored to your needs, so do get in touch to discuss. Happy for multiple classes to join online sessions within the same school. If finances are an issue, do still get in touch, as we can discuss.

I can do all of the above in person, too, provided travel expenses can be covered, and it makes sense geographically. I am based in Glasgow.